Getting to know Bloginfo

Bloginfo is a WordPress function that you can use on WordPress templates to display a number of things such as the home page, the blog description, the main feed, comments feed, admin email address, template directory, site url, pingback url, etc. You can display bloginfo via PHP just like this:

<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>

Assuming the blog’s home page is located at, here’s a list of options.

admin_email          =
atom_url             =
charset              = UTF-8
comments_atom_url    =
comments_rss2_url    =
description          = Just another WordPress blog
home                 = (DEPRECATED! use url option instead)
html_type            = text/html
language             = en-US
name                 = Testpilot
pingback_url         =
rdf_url              =
rss2_url             =
rss_url              =
siteurl              = (DEPRECATED! use url option instead)
stylesheet_directory =
stylesheet_url       =
template_directory   =
template_url         =
text_direction       = ltr
url                  =
version              = 3.5
wpurl                =

As mentioned previously, you can use the bloginfo function anywhere within your WordPress templates.

Laravel Forge Edit .env

Laravel Forge was recently upgraded with several new features. You can now edit your .env file directly from within Forge. It’s easier and faster than adding each environmental variable. In addition, you can also create and manage Nginx load balancing servers to balance your application load. With Forge, you can now deploy a new server in just minutes from any of the three cloud hosting service providers: Linode, Digital Ocean and now Amazon Web Services.