Ubiquiti Ubuntu Repository

I’m running Ubiquiti’s Unifi Cotroller on one of my websites. I did the sudo apt-get update to perform an update recently and found out that the Ubiquiti’s repository is broken. As it turns out, Ubiquiti has changed the location of their repository to the following location:

deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/debian stable ubiquiti

You have to edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file to change the previous entry with the one above.

After the change, the update and upgrade went very well.

Change MySQL Password

The following are instructions on how to change your MySQL password from the Unix command line.

Login to MySQL and access MySQL table.

mysql -u root -p
use mysql;

Change the password for any user, flush privileges and quit.

update user set password=PASSWORD('new_password') where User='root';
flush privileges;

Make sure to make password changes on your applications as well.

In WordPress, edit the wp-config.php file to change database password.