GKE On-Prem

How about running GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) on your own data center. Why would anyone do that while everyone else is moving to the cloud. Well, Google is creating a stepping stone to move enterprises to the cloud. What a better way than to build a bridge that will shorten the gap. GKE On-Prem service will include access to all GKE cloud features, including the ability to register, manage clusters and monitoring via a service called Stackdriver. GKE On-Prem will include a direct line to the GCP Marketplace, which has support for Kubernetes-based applications.

AWS Transit VPCs

If you have multiple VPCs located in geographically diverse regions, you can connect them together using a new service called Transit VPCs. It’s a logically isolated VPC which can act as a bridge for launching and transferring data between regions. It can work as global transit center between other VPCs within your organization. Learn more by reading about it from AWS announcement.

SSH to CodeCommit

Although you can access CodeCommit from the AWS Console, the most efficient way to access it, is via SSH. Assuming you already have an IAM user, as well as Git installed on your local machine, it’s time to setup a SSH connection to CodeCommit by performing the following commands.

  1. Generate a RSA key pair
  2. Copy the public key to the clipboard.
  3. Upload the SSH public key to the AWS IAM Console.
  4. You’ll receive a SSH Key ID.
  5. Create a config file
  6. chmod 600 config
  7. Test connection
  8. Clone repo

To get more details regarding SSH access to CodeCommit, visit the AWS docs.

Create a Repository in CodeCommit

CodeCommit is a version control system hosted in AWS that you can use privately to store and manage your source code, documents or binary files. You can get free (as in beer) unlimited repositories, if you have less than 5 users, and if your storage is less than 50 GB-month, and you have less than 10,000 git requests per month. If you have more than 5 users, it’s $1 a month per user. Still not bad. Here’s CodeCommit pricing.

Create a repository in CodeCommit via the Console or the CLI.

aws codecommit create-repository --repository-name myrepo --repository-description "My repository"

Create in another region.

aws codecommit create-repository --region us-west-2 --repository-name myrepo --repository-description "My repository"


Amazon Polly

AWS has a service that turns text into speech called Polly. You can choose what type of voice, language and gender. AWS recently added a simple form, for an easy text to speech conversion and download. The form is limited to 3000 characters or less. The converted file is a MP3 format. For larger texts, the converted audio file will be stored in a S3 bucket for later retrieval. Using Amazon Polly along with Translate will be a cool experiment. AWS Translate is a natural language translation service.