Run Jekyll in Background

Jekyll is a static website generator you can use for developing simple websites. If you are running Jekyll on your desktop, you can view your static website by running a local server. If you want the leave the web server up and running in the background all the time, you can run this command instead.

# normally you run this command
jekyll serve
# running it in the background
jekyll serve > /dev/null 2>&1 &
# add incremental which builds only deltas
jekyll serve --incremental > /dev/null 2>&1 &

To kill the server, run the following.

# find jekyll server process
ps -ef | grep jekyll
# substitute pid# with process id
kill -9 pid#

GCP Load Balancer Local Routing Table

Test if the GCP Load Balancer is working by sending a curl command from the backend VM.

Assume the load balancer IP address is, and the VM is called vm-a1.


The end result is …

Page served from: vm-a1

Make sure there’s an entry in the local table that matches the IP of the load balancer.

ip route show table local | grep

If not, add it.

ip route add to local dev eth0 proto 66


Chrony Service

The chrony service actually does not change the time. The misconception is that the chrony service is setting the time given by the NTP server. This is not what’s happening. The chrony service is just telling the system clock to go faster or slower. This is the reason why sometimes even though the time is wrong and the NTP server is working, the time does not get corrected immediately. It takes a little while.

NFS Fails to Mount on Bootup

Check if rpcbind is running.

service rpcbind status|start|stop|restart

Or you can also clean the NFS cache.

service rpcbind stop
service nfslock stop
rm -rf /var/lib/nfs/statd/sm/*
rm -rf /var/lib/nfs/statd/sm.bak/*
service rpcbind start
service nfslock start

TrendMicro Security Agent

How to start/stop/restart/status TrendMicro Security agent.

/etc/init.d/ds_agent start
/etc/init.d/ds_agent stop
/etc/init.d/ds_agent restart
/etc/init.d/ds_agent status
/etc/init.d/ds_agent reset

Check if installed.

rpm -qa | grep 'ds_agent'

Install with verbose and hash.

rpm -ivh package-name

Uninstall with verbose.

rpm -ev package-name