Subversion Branch

Subversion Branch creates a new branch in the local working directory. In the example below, a copy of the project directory is forked and given a new name. The new branch will be treated as a separate branch.

svn copy http://repository/project/trunk \ 
         \ -m "Place comments here."

Subversion Revert

Subversion Revert undoes the recent changes in the local working directory. Revert can also undo changes recursively. Here’s a couple of examples displayed below.

svn revert foo.c
svn revert --recursive .

Subversion Diff

Subversion Diff will display differences between a file in the local working directory versus the same file that’s located in the repository. It will display on the screen what has been edited, modified or deleted. You invoke the Diff command from the Terminal as displayed below.

svn diff

Subversion Delete

The Subversion Delete command will delete a file in the local working directory. While it removes file in the working copy, it doesn’t remove the same file in the repository until after a commit.

svn delete foo.c

Subversion Move

Subversion Move is a command that renames a file in either in the local working directory or directly in the repository. You can invoke the move command from Terminal like this example below.

svn move foo.c bar.c
svn move http://repository/project/trunk/foo.c \ 
    -m "Place comment here."