PHP vs Node.js

If you would like to launch a new career as a front-end developer, which programming language would you choose? You have multiple options, but nothing could be as popular as PHP and Node.js. An article from ComputerWorld examines the strengths and weaknesses of both languages. Each language has their own pluses and minuses. PHP is simpler, with a deeper code base, easy access to databases, and it’s boosted by HHVM and the Hack language. Node.js is based on Javascript with thinner service calls. It works with JSON, and raw speed is unparalleled. Both languages has it’s own MVC frameworks. Perhaps, a hybrid solution of PHP and Node.js might be the best approach on some projects. It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to code fast, you may choose PHP. If application raw speed is in order, then you may want to consider using Node.js.

2 thoughts on “PHP vs Node.js

  1. Yeah, wow, tough one to call. I am hopeless at both, but use both a fair bit in my daily job. If I was starting out fresh today, I would go with nodeJS. Only because PHP has been around forever (in computer years) and nodeJS is newish.

    1. I need to code more with Node.js. The syntax is very different coming from someone with a PHP background.

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