GCP StackDriver Firewall Log

Here’s one way how to look at traffic hitting a GCP firewall. To view the traffic activity, go to Stackdriver Logging > Viewer. Enter the following search string. Just replace the network name and firewall name.

logName:(projects/project-name/logs/compute.googleapis.com%2Ffirewall) AND jsonPayload.rule_details.reference:("network:network-name/firewall:firewall-name")

GCP Increase Download Speed for gsutil

If you’re downloading large files, you can speed up download speeds by modifying gsutil. Decrease the number of threads and increase the number of components.

gsutil \
-o "GSUtil:parallel_thread_count=1" \
-o "GSUtil:parallel_process_count=8" \
cp gs://bucket/source.dat /download/dest/file.dat