XFS Filesystem has duplicate UUID

Here’s how to fix a duplicate UUID on a XFS file system.

mount -o rw,nouuid /dev/sda1  /data

Mounting with nouuid will work, but not after a reboot.

To avoid a duplicate ID, run this command to generate a new UUID.

xfs_admin -U generate /dev/sda3
Clearing log and setting UUID
writing all SBs
new UUID = xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx

Generate a Controller in Laravel

Laravel comes with several generators by way of Artisan CLI or Command Line Interface. To generate a controller, you simply run the following command from the Terminal. This is assuming you’re in the Laravel project folder.

// generate a standard Controller
$ php artisan make:controller HomeController
// generate a plain Controller with no methods
$ php artisan make:controller HomeController --plain

The first example is the standard way of generating a controller with resourceful routing in mind.

The second example is plain way of generating a controller. It does not contain any method.