AWS ACM Certificate Import

Here’s how to import a SSL certificate into AWS Certificate Manager.

aws acm import-certificate \
--certificate file://example.crt \
--private-key file://example.key \
--certificate-chain file://example-bundle.crt

Certbot AWS Renewals

Here are the instructions for renewing Certbot SSL certificates in AWS Certificate Manager. Certbot provides SSL certificates for free for 60 days and are auto-renewed before they expire. If you are using Certbot SSL certificates with CloudFront, you will need to reimport them to AWS Certificate Manager before expiration.

  1. Get the latest SSL certificate by running “certbot certificates.”
  2. Reimport the certificate in 3 parts.
    • Certificate Body – the root or top portion of the full chain
    • Certificate Private key – the private key
    • Certificate chain – the entire full chain containing multiple certificates
  3. Click Save. Check expiration.

You’ll need to update the certificate before the next expiration date.

Subversion Import

Typically, you use the Subversion Import command to start or add a new project to a remote repository. Subversion recommends that you setup three directories called trunk, tags and branches under each project in a repository. Trunk will be the current version you are working on. Tags are for releases. Branches are when you fork projects based on one particular release. The following directory format under each project is recommended.


Once the directories are setup, you can then perform the import command to upload a new project to the repository. Just the following command in the Terminal.

svn import project http://repository -m "Place comments here."