GCP Load Balancer Local Routing Table

Test if the GCP Load Balancer is working by sending a curl command from the backend VM.

Assume the load balancer IP address is, and the VM is called vm-a1.


The end result is …

Page served from: vm-a1

Make sure there’s an entry in the local table that matches the IP of the load balancer.

ip route show table local | grep

If not, add it.

ip route add to local dev eth0 proto 66


How to Zebra Stripe a Table

A HTML table can be difficult to read, especially if there are hundreds of rows. Reading across a row can sometimes be a challenge. One way of making the table more legible is to alternate the background color of each row. By the way, the plugin used on this blog to display code uses zebra stripes. Zebra stripping can be done by toggling a variable and alternately displaying an odd or even CSS class as it goes through the loop.

The Code:

// set variable initially to "odd."
// loop 4 times for demo purposes.
// toggle CSS classes while in a loop.
$c = "odd";
$count = 0;
echo "<table>";
while ($count < 4) :
  if ($c == "even") : echo "<tr class='even'>"; $c="odd"; else : echo "<tr class='odd'>"; $c="even"; endif;
  echo "<td>Data</td>";
  echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";

The Result:

<tr class='odd'><td>Data</td></tr>
<tr class='even'><td>Data</td></tr>
<tr class='odd'><td>Data</td></tr>
<tr class='even'><td>Data</td></tr>

The Style:

.odd { background-color: #fff; }
.even { background-color: #eee; }

To see it in action, visit CodePad.