GCP SDK Update

Here’s how to update your Google Cloud Platform SDK (Software Development Kit) which is aka the CLI for interacting with Google’s API.

Get Current Version

gcloud version

Get the Components List

gcloud components list


gcloud components update

Google SDK Update

How to upgrade Google SDK on Redhat, Fedora and Centos Linux.

gcloud components update

If you are having trouble running that command because the GCloud component manager is disabled, you can try the following commands which will achieve the same result as above.

sudo yum makecache && sudo yum update \
kubectl \
google-cloud-sdk \
google-cloud-sdk-app-engine-grpc \
google-cloud-sdk-pubsub-emulator \
google-cloud-sdk-app-engine-go \
google-cloud-sdk-cloud-build-local \
google-cloud-sdk-datastore-emulator \
google-cloud-sdk-app-engine-python \
google-cloud-sdk-cbt \
google-cloud-sdk-bigtable-emulator \
google-cloud-sdk-datalab \

Subversion Update

Subversion Update is used to synch the working copy with repository. You can use any of the two commands below. Any changes done by you since the last update will not be overwritten. Your changes will be reflected on the repository once you perform a commit to the repository.

svn update
svn up