Icecast PHP Class

I modified an existing Icecast PHP class that I found online. I’ve added a couple of extra fields particularly the ‘status’ field where you’ll be able to determine if your Icecast server is streaming or not. I’ve initially set the status variable to ‘On Air’ and ‘Off Air.’ To use the class, take a look at the code below:

// include the class file
include( 'icecast.php' );
// instantiate class
$stream = new IceCast();
// set server and mount
$server = '';
$file   = '/status.xsl?mount=/yourmount.ogg';
// set the url
// get status info
$radio = $stream->getStatus();
// assign array to variables
// echo the status
echo $status.'<br/>';
// display more stats if ON AIR
if ($status=='ON AIR') :
echo $listeners.' listeners<br/>';
echo $most_listeners.' max listeners<br/>';

Here’s the Icecast class.

class IceCast {
    var $server = "";
    var $stats_file = "/status.xsl?mount=/yourmount.ogg";
    var $radio_info=array();
    function __construct() {
        // build array to store our Icecast stats   
        $this->radio_info['server'] = $this->server;
        $this->radio_info['title'] = '';
        $this->radio_info['description'] = '';
        $this->radio_info['content_type'] = '';
        $this->radio_info['mount_start'] = '';
        $this->radio_info['bit_rate'] = '';
        $this->radio_info['listeners'] = '';
        $this->radio_info['most_listeners'] = '';
        $this->radio_info['genre'] = '';
        $this->radio_info['url'] = '';
        $this->radio_info['now_playing'] = array();
        $this->radio_info['now_playing']['artist'] = 'Unknown';
        $this->radio_info['now_playing']['track'] = 'Unknown';
        $this->radio_info['status'] = 'OFF AIR';
    function setUrl($url,$file) {
        $this->radio_info['server'] = $this->server;
    private function fetch() {
        // create a new curl resource
        $ch = curl_init();
        // set the url
        // return as a string
        // $output = the status.xsl file
        $output = curl_exec($ch);
        // close curl resource to free up system resources
        return $output;
    function getStatus() {
        // loop through $output and sort arrays
        $temp_array = array();
        $search_for = "<td\s[^>]*class=\"streamdata\">(.*)<\/td>";
        $search_td = array('<td class="streamdata">','</td>');
        if(preg_match_all("/$search_for/siU",$output,$matches)) {
           foreach($matches[0] as $match) {
              $to_push = str_replace($search_td,'',$match);
              $to_push = trim($to_push);
        if(count($temp_array)) {
            //sort our temp array into our ral array
            $this->radio_info['title'] = $temp_array[0];
            $this->radio_info['description'] = $temp_array[1];
            $this->radio_info['content_type'] = $temp_array[2];
            $this->radio_info['mount_start'] = $temp_array[3];
            $this->radio_info['bit_rate'] = $temp_array[4];
            $this->radio_info['listeners'] = $temp_array[5];
            $this->radio_info['most_listeners'] = $temp_array[6];
            $this->radio_info['genre'] = $temp_array[7];
            $this->radio_info['url'] = $temp_array[8];
            if(isset($temp_array[9])) {
                $x = explode(" - ",$temp_array[9]);
                $this->radio_info['now_playing']['artist'] = $x[0];
                $this->radio_info['now_playing']['track'] = $x[1];
            $this->radio_info['status'] = 'ON AIR';
        return $this->radio_info;

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