Github released yesterday a new editor called Atom. It’s built on HTML, CSS, Javascript and Node.js. It’s designed to be extensible via add-on packages so it can be used for a number of things, but it’s mainly used as a text editor. The Atom core, Package Manager and Shell are open-source available via the MIT license. Currently is available only on Mac OS, but will be available soon for Windows and Linux.

There are over 800 add-on packages already available from the project’s homepage. If you’re a PHP developer, be sure to add language-php, php-twig and php-beautifier. Based on the initial review, it seems to be well-received by a number of reviewers. Is there enough here to get developers to move from Text-Mate and Sublime Text Editor? We will see. I happen to like it a lot. I plan to use it for the next two weeks.