bash function comments

    add to crontab with no duplicate

    diff files in two directories

    timestamp timezone conversion


    white balance





    black and white

    nef to jpg

    oh my posh

    supportconfig options

    jump start power supply

    gcp create hyperdisks


    display ip addresses

    display dashes across screen

    gcp check login

    display markdown code

    date and title

    vim navigation commands

    gcloud vm alias ip

    terraform gcp vm alias ip

    jekyll target blank

    install xrdp

    scp multiple files

    terraform local variables

    display elapse time

    truncate titles in jekyll

    format new volume

    how to shred a volume

    bash input options

    random words from array

    bash function within a function

    search replace lowercase

    gcp restore boot disk

    gcp restore all disks

    jekyll new post script

    gcp vm list all snapshots

    strip new lines on variables

    using internal links

    multiple github accounts

    switching from wordpress to jekyll

    editing multiple files

    php not able to run gcloud commands via...

    hiding passwords using openssl

    install latest terraform via homebrew

    youtube thumbnail