encrypt volume via terraform

    terraform installation

    sudoers directory

    convert pfx to pem format

    who is logged in?

    find the biggest file


    wp_query reverse sort

    create group with id

    change vim colors

    parsing wowza logs

    a month ago

    steps to encrypt volumes

    list of encrypted volumes

    codeigniter 2.1.3 on php7

    gcp instance scopes

    lvm extend physical volume

    list big files

    gcp cli create firewall

    gcp cli start stop instances

    local rpm install

    run sql in bash

    adding a xfs volume


    print block device attributes

    checking last patch

    scan for error, warning and panic

    macos custom launchpad

    styling the bash prompt

    aws cli efs describe tags

    aws cli efs describe file systems

    reiserfsck rebuild tree

    rpm check packages

    remmina install

    yum remove repo


    weather report from the terminal

    linux mint windows and workspaces

    run docker without sudo

    storing git credentials

    run bash script in gitbash

    extend linux boot

    check memory in linux

    create a dummy file

    aws quarterly report

    mount and unmount efs

    empty buffer or cache

    when linux was last patched

    xfs vs ext 2/3/4

    extend lvm volume