bash script on startup

    gcp list disk types

    create aws vpc using terraform

    gcs fuse

    uninstall ibm tivoli system automation

    enable core dumps

    run mysql in a docker container

    rebuild docker containers

    install docker on amazon linux 2

    stop and remove all docker containers

    gcp activate service account

    github generate a key

    docker container logs

    docker ps

    gcp spot vm

    gcp fix hosts

    fibonacci sequence in python

    bash input executes functions

    aws display lightsail snapshots

    delete lines using sed

    bash read file

    remove oracle java

    git clone multiple accounts

    gcp spot instance

    terraform aws security group

    terraform aws s3

    wiki ssl certificate location

    github ssh keys setup

    gcp list firewall rule by name

    aws services that use security groups

    rpm updates the last month

    remove an environment variable

    create local yum repo

    rocky linux in a container

    aws set profile

    add path to zsh

    delete lines using awk

    useradd with specific uid and guid

    database clients on linux

    install adoptopenjdk

    terraform user data

    aws cloudwatch alarms

    run telnet on git bash

    aws suspend auto scaling group

    check certificate expiration

    copy s3 to gcs

    git undo add

    aws cli search iam userid

    gcp display roles on service account

    gcp list service accounts in project