copy directory structure

    bash spacebar break

    set vim colors permanently

    press spacebar to continue

    bare metal servers

    check mounted file systems

    gcp extend ext4 boot volume

    aws get access key info

    gcp create service account via terraform

    calculate date to epoch time

    gcp cloudshell via terminal

    gcp move vm to another vpc

    gsutil describe bucket

    git reset file from master

    ajax live search

    python web server

    gcp find instance boot disk

    7zip in mac os

    remove extended attributes on mac

    gcp backup instance

    vi search and replace

    redhat 8 network manager

    gcp project quotas

    gcp regional quotas

    windows check if port is listening

    python boto3 s3 list objects

    python virtual environment

    bash reformat numbers

    gcp monitor service account

    gcp windows password reset

    google sdk ssh mac terminal

    aws sdk load config


    git reset hard

    gcp compute startup script