I had a little trouble with CodeIgniter pagination today. The pagination function is working fine, but Page 1 is always selected regardless which page I select. The data seems to be correct as I go from one page to another, but the page number doesn’t move at all. Well, after trial and error, the problem turned out to be a configuration issue.

CodeIgniter typically uses the following URI format:


The third segment is normally used by the pagination function for navigating from one page to another. By default, CodeIgniter pagination only uses 3 URI segments. If you are using more than 3 segments, then you will need to specify the location of the URI segment in your configuration. In my case, I’m using the fourth segment, I needed to include this setting.

$config [‘uri_segment’] = ‘4’;

If you need help with pagination, please refer to the Pagination class from the CodeIgniter User Guide.