If you need to run some code at certain times of the week, a weekly sale for example, PHP gives you that flexibility. In the example below, we will display an image on our website every Wednesday afternoon between 1pm and 5pm to display a sale.

Let’s create a new function called wednesday_afternoon(). We can use this function to check the date and time. The function checks for the current time and compares it if it’s Wednesday afternoon. It returns a true if it is, and a false if it falls outside those times.

<pre lang="php">
function wednesday_afternoon() {
  $start_time = strtotime('Wednesday 1pm');
  $stop_time = strtotime('Wednesday 5pm');
  $current_time = strtotime('now');
  // return true if between start and stop times
  if ( $current_time > $start_time && $current_time 
<p>A simple if statement decides what image to display based if it's Wednesday afternoon.</p>
<pre lang="php">
if (wednesday_afternoon()) {
  <div class="wednesday_sale">
    <img decoding="async" src="/path/to/our/image.png"></img>
} else {
  <div class="no_sale">
    <img decoding="async" src="/path/to/our/no/sale/image.png"></img>

<p>I have posted a <a href="https://gist.github.com/ulyssesr/520100748a5ef573f865">similar code</a> GitHubGist.</p>